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I am an independent 360° Photographer,
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Just Like Being There

Carrington Weems - Experienced 360° PhotographerEarly in my career I started off as a commercial studio photographer working primarily for local and regional ad agencies.  I had big dreams, and a lot of experimentation in my work. Because of that, I developed as quite the technician, but so much of my portfolio looked like others.  While this was good for my business, it was not so good for the nurture of my creative soul.  I did not yet have something that was mine. In 1998 I discovered immersive imaging and had found the perfect blend of science and art that seems to fit my talents like a glove.

A Philosophy:

I could see that early adopters experimenting with the new 360° medium were relying on the “gee whiz” factor of a 360° image.  I felt that approach falls way short on communication of corporate client needs, so I embarked on building out interface design to accompany this new media.  I teamed up with a young, talented interactive designer to work thru this notion with me.  This was a key way to stand out from from whatever crowd I was expecting!  While I did stand out, but was early to the game and there was no “crowd” …yet.  So I had to carve a niche among forward thinking clients, and actually create my own market.

Virtually Anywhere Interactive was born with the philosophy of creating a complete product that fuses great design with an intuitive and engaging interface to guide viewers thru an environment that is displayed with the highest level of immersive 360° photography composed specifically for experiencing that environment.  This approach quickly took over my traditional studio work.

360 imaging is experiencing a huge growth now, and many of those agencies (now digital agencies) have talented people that want to create the interactive elements “in house”.  But most people shooting 360° imagery come at it from a technical experience.  I have developed many techniques in composition and direction of people to help a viewer feel like they are actually experiencing an environment, not just looking at it.

What Now?

With 20 years of immersive experience, and many big brand productions, I want to avail myself as a preeminent 360° photographer to provide a look that may prove to be a cut above in your project.


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