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Most photographers capture images. I create immersive experiences,
with 360° still images and 360° video

Carrington Weems - Experienced 360° Photographer


As a pioneer of immersive 360˚photography, I’ve mastered the art of combining beautiful imagery and advanced technology. The result is photography that does more than dazzle the eye – it empowers users to explore exciting new environments and interact with your brand along the way.

While all 360˚ photographers document physical spaces, I approach each image as part of a larger story. By carefully choosing the camera’s vantage point, then directing the placement of people within a scene, my photographs put the user right in the middle of the action. It’s a method that creates a strong emotional connection rarely found in virtual tour photography.

And not only do I create an engaging experience for your audience, I also deliver a seamless customer experience for you. With 20 years under my belt as a 360˚photographer, my approach is professional, courteous, non-intrusive and super efficient. 

If you’re interested in delighting your audience through the power of immersive photography, please don’t hesitate to contact me.



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